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(Manhattan, New York)

KROST NEW YORK is a fashion brand that aims to foster a community that pursues tangible change through purposeful collections & collaborations. As the lead digital designer and creative director, I lead a team of talented designers and work with big brands' design teams (Barney's New York, Fila, Toms, Nautica, etc.). I'm in charge of all visual assets throughout eCommerce, internal, and products. 

(eCommerce): I created the branding systems and template assets that could be utilized to the website, paid-ads, email, social posts, press for each collection and collaborations, art directions for product shots and campaigns;  

(Internal visual assets): I built up the cohesive visual system for the brand, including investor deck, media deck, welcome pack, etc.;

(Products): I developed graphics for the clothes and package design, which pushed the brand forward in terms of messaging and aesthetics. 

My scope of work ranges from (visual identity design), (motion graphics), (package design), (editorial design), (art direction), (image editing), (video editing), (web design(see 07)). 











Selected work at KROST

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