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(Feb, 2021)

(Manhattan, New York)

The digital solution for KROST can be segmented into 2 projects:

1) Web Design for 

2) Email System deisgn for KROST E-commerce 












Digital Solution for KROST



Two goals for this project: 

(1) First is to develop a new visual system that aligns with the current brand language and preserves the heritage of the old website — elevating the user experiences. 

(2) is a significant body that would differentiate the brand in the fashion industry and social advocate community. The second goal is to create an authentic and influential digital platform to bring new audiences into the conversation with KROST.


KROST NEW YORK is a fashion brand that aims to foster a community that pursues tangible change through purposeful collections & collaborations., as the core narrative of the stories behind each collection, collaboration, and partnership, is a blog website that brings awareness to certain social causes to the fashion community and increases the influence in the social advocate community of Millenials and GenZ. 

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